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Kapelkal Company is a leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of cutting-edge treatment beds. Kapelkal has production lines featuring standardized electric, hydraulic, permanent and folding bed products for a variety of medical treatments including: physiotherapy, gynecology, operating theatres, gastroenterology, clinics, veterinary medicine, spas, cosmetics, medical rehabilitation equipment, alternative medicine, institutional, and home care.

Our services include:

Kapelkal provides consultations, training, transportation, servicing and maintenance. We have extensive experience in planning and manufacturing products tailor-made to the Client’s unique requirements. We are readily available for consultations, training and servicing.

Kapel Kal Ltd. 1 Nahal Poleg St. Northern Industrial Area, Yavne, Israel Tel: +972-89333034 Fax: +972-89333035 | E-mail: