Kapel Kal is a leading manufacturer of medical Furniure

Leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of top quality medical furniture Authorized Health Ministry provider for electric nursing beds

Kapelkal Company is a leading manufacturer

Importing and marketing medical furniture of the highest quality Authorized Health Ministry provider for electric nursing beds

Who we are

Kapel Kal is a leading Israeli manufacture specializes in the fields of medical, nursing and physiotherapy genecology Furniture and equipment.
Established in 1987 offering variety of product line include: various beds, treatment tables and chairs in different materials to meet your individual needs; physiotherapy, gynecology, urology, dermatology, clinic, laboratory, cosmetician, in home, care centers, senior care centers, examination, operations, veterinary, portable folding beds as well as other complimentary furniture for the above. This extends to waiting room and office furniture, trolleys, partitions, mattresses for all types of massage and physiotherapy treatments, cushions, and an inclusive line of physiotherapy equipment.

Custom Made solutions

The knowledge and experience gained over the years and the ability to provide solutions perfectly tailored to the customer.

Our beds meet stringent standards and meet rigid working conditions such as heavyweight customers, humidity conditions, multiple working hours and more.

Our advantages

Made in Israel, uncompromising quality blue and white.

Customized and custom made.

Many years of experience in a wide range of products.

Put customer first, uncompromising service!

Our services include:

Kapelkal provides consultations, training, transportation, servicing and maintenance. We have extensive experience in planning and manufacturing products tailor-made to the Client’s unique requirements. We are readily available for consultations, training and servicing.

Among our clients

Our recommendations

Questions and Answers on Medical Furniture

The use of the term medical equipment is quite wide and underneath you can find diagnostic and diagnostic devices, as well as rehabilitation equipment, accessories, storage space and more. These can be small products for daily use, such as a syringe or thermometer, and up to advanced electronic equipment located in medical institutions, in all cases the equipment will be monitored and billed by the Ministry of Health.

In order to choose the most suitable equipment, the clinic / institution needs, who they serve and the therapist’s needs must be examined. There are unique equipment tailored to a particular medical field that cannot be used in other fields, and conversely, equipment that allows overlap and use in a variety of fields, so clarifying the vocation will be an important first step.

Buying nursing furniture versus renting depends on the frequency of use and financial investment required to do so. In case the use of the equipment will be part of a routine work it will be simpler to buy new equipment as it comes the calming news of several years warranty, in addition to repairs and replacement of equipment in the event of a malfunction. In contrast, if it is a short period and the use of a “one-time” rental is a reasonable and convenient option without the need for too much money.

Ergonomics is a significant part of manufacturing medical equipment, and yet the desire to serve as many users as possible requires a number of fixed sizes and fit to the human body in general. There are options for slight changes in height and angle, but most medical supplies will come in standard sizes, and yet there is the flexibility of following Lady Phrase in a customized request that meets a unique need.

Because these are the following devices that Lady directly uses, the materials from which the upholstery / coating is made will be easy to clean and maintain. Considering visibility as part of the stay experience rather than aesthetics has weight and so some equipment, such as chairs and treatment beds, can be found in a variety of styles and colors.

Each product is tested to strict Health Ministry standards to maintain user quality and safety. For this reason, one way is to make sure that the manufacturer / importer facing the order is working with equipment that meets these conditions.

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