Lending Medical Equipment

Renting medical equipment can save expenses, in cases where it is necessary for a limited period of time only.

Medical equipment for rent from Kepel-Kal allows you to rest assured that you are in good hands, and enjoy products that have undergone stringent standard tests, and which are approved by the Ministry of Health.

Browse the product catalog from Kepel-Kal now, and contact us for a free professional consultation, in choosing the medical equipment that will best meet your needs.


FOWLER HOSPITAL BED WOOD PANELING MODEL: HOB-852 Fowler hospital bed Wood paneling Model: HOB-852 designed to enhance users’ independence at home and optimal freedom of

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SHOWER CLEANSING TROLLEYS MODEL OPT-788 The OPT-788 bath bed is the solution for patients who have difficulty reaching a sitting position independently. And enables the

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