Hospitals & Medical Centers

Kapel Kal provides a variety of equipment for hospitals, clinics, and other medical centers, as diverse as treatment rooms and more.

The equipment we provide includes gynecology, urology, clinic, plastic, x-ray, eye, orthopedics and more.

The company also manufactures, markets and imports medical equipment and its great advantage is the fact that we tailor the equipment to the individual needs of the customer


Kapel Kal Specializes in manufacturing and marketing equipment for private and institutional clinics in a variety of fields such as gynecology, urology, plastic, physical therapy, x-ray, ultrasound, skin and sex, eyes, EAG, orthopedics, aesthetics, general clinics and many more

Among the private and institutional clinics in the Israeli market.

As an Israeli manufacturer, we have a clear advantage of being able to customize the product to the user’s needs, in terms of operating functions, overall dimensions, a variety of upholstery colors and more.

Medical Esthetics & Spa

Kapel Kal Specialiez

Specializes in manufacturing and marketing equipment for spa and aesthetic clinics.

Home Nursing Products

Kapel Kal Specializes in importing and marketing institutional home furnishings such as: 

Home Inpatient Beds Electric Inpatient Beds, Hydraulic Inpatient Beds, Wooden Inpatient Home Beds, Fixed Height Inpatient Beds, Geriatric Armchairs For Home And Institution, Fallout Bed Mounts , Medication-carts, resuscitation, blood and more.


Kepel Kal specializes in the production and marketing of gynecologists / urologists for various purposes such as: cervical, urodynamics, vaginal ultrasound, fetal recovery and routine gynecologists.

Our company has a number of models that are currently leading the Israeli market, thanks to our ability to adapt the product to user requirements.

Our company’s gynecologic chairs can be found in all hospitals and health clinics in Israel and in most private clinics.

Treatment Tables for various activities

Kepel Kal specializes in manufacturing and marketing tables for various operations such as dialysis, mammography, ambulatory operations, gypsum, diabetes, pediatrician, eyes, throat ear and more…

Our company has a number of models that are currently leading the Israeli market, thanks to our ability to adapt the product to user requirements.

Both in terms of electrical / hydraulic / pneumatic / mechanical functions and in terms of dimensions.

The equipment can be found in all homes and health funds in Israel and most medical institutes.

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine has recently developed rapidly thanks to the discovery of treatment methods for most species. Today, the animals receive advanced treatment, which includes dental and surgical services along with hormone and antibiotic therapy.

Kapel Kal is able to provide the exact solution to these needs and allow veterinarians to treat the professional with maximum comfort for them and the animals.

Eligible Ministry of Health

Kapel Kal is a licensed health care provider for Nursing home bed.

We offers both functional design and excellent quality. Wooden panels covering the actuators were developed to fit the domestic environment and make the user feel like home.
It is designed to support persons up to 178 kg in weight.

Bed allows people with disabilities who are unable to stand up sit up independently and are not able to pass out of bed to a chair and back.

An electric bed can be used to achieve maximum independence in the transition between bed and chair and from bed to electric bed are also entitled to nursing people, where most daily activities (ADL) are performed in bed and the main caregiver is an older family member (old age).

In addition, people who are confined to bed and a large part of daily functions such as: dressing, bathing, and / or medical treatments are done in their bed.

Final approval for eligibility is determined by the health department’s professional bodies and in accordance with the procedure for approval of rehabilitation and mobility devices.

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